Applause for Ben Rudnick and Friends!

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“All of us at Life is good® wanted to take the time to thank you for performing at the Pumpkin Festival. Your music got people dancing and really embodied what the festival is all about. You guys rock!”

Jim Laughlin, Festival Coordinator
Life is good®, Boston, MA

(Ben Rudnick and Friends have played four large festivals for Life is good®.)

“Your wonderful ensemble of band members was truly a hit! The sight of spontaneous dancing from kids and parents alike inspired from the warm energy of your group demonstrated what a genuinely family-friendly experience it was for everyone involved. In addition, you were a pleasure to work with throughout the process from the early planning to the day of the performances. I truly look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Rachel Katz, Mgr. of Family Programs
The Jewish Museum, New York, NY

“Ben Rudnick was a pleasure to work with and a delightful performer. Ben Rudnick and Friends put on a great show that was received with enthusiasm and much applause from the audience at our theatre. They have enormous appeal to children of all ages, but are sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by parents/adults as well. We look forward to hosting Ben and his band again in the very near future.”

Leland Stein, Director of Marketing, Promotion and Booking
Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA

“After speaking with Ben about his band, I decided to invite Ben Rudnick and Friends to the Willows, a retirement community in Westborough, MA, for a summer concert. When Ben and his friends showed up in their brightly colored tie-dye shirts, I was a little nervous about how the largely elderly audience might perceive them. Not to worry. In no time the band won the crowd over with familiar and original songs. At some points the tapping of the walkers could be heard over the band! I have invited Ben Rudnick and Friends back for a return engagement.”

Polly Horenstein
The Willows Retirement Community, Westborugh, MA

“We were delighted by the performance of Ben Rudnick and Friends here at the Long Island Children's Museum Theater. The entire audience was whisked from the cold doldrums of winter to a warm place through the energy of the band and the bluegrass style of music. People were ready for this positive energy. Ben Rudnick and Friends was our first trip down the bluegrass path and everyone loved it. Of course the original songs really caught everyone's ear. Macaroni and Cheese was requested by members of the audience in the know. The warmth of all the band members made it one of the memorable performances of 2003. We are all excited about your upcoming performances this summer. Let's Dance!”

Jim Packard, Theater Director
Children’s Museum of Long Island, NY

(Ben Rudnick and Friends have played over 60 shows at the Children’s Museum of Long Island.)

“Take one historic folk coffee house, fill it with eager kids and parents, add Ben Rudnick and Friends, and you've got yourself a party. That's exactly what happened when Rudnick took the stage for a recent family concert. A newcomer to town he nonetheless drew folks from all around, none of whom went away disappointed. The band plays real music; songs with punchy lyrics and a hip beat. No wonder the over-30 crowd enjoyed it as much as the under-10's. Rudnick’s rapport with his audience is genuine, as is the bonhomie he shares with the rest of the band on stage. Great guys, great music, great concert. We look forward to the band's return, again and again.”

Anne Hodge
Caffé Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY

“Thank you so much for playing at my house last weekend for my daughter and son's birthday party! I realize it seems like a small gig compared to other venues you've played. The kids have been asking to listen to your music nonstop since Saturday, especially My Horse, Sally Salamander and Cowgirl Song. As a music lover, I fully appreciate the bluegrass, irish folk and southern rock embedded in your sound. We play tons of music at home but we can only get through a couple of Allman Brothers, CCR or Nina Simone before the kids ask to change the music. Your songs are a beautiful gateway for kids to appreciate so many different genres through playful lyrics and melodies. Keep doing what you're doing because you're changing lives. Thanks again and see you at a Ben Rudnick and Friends concert soon!”

Adrianne S

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