Little Bitty Critter

Little Bitty Critter tells the tale of a bold house mouse whose love of cheese causes Ben to “flip his lid” and Ben’s fat cat to “rock and roll.” A little rockabilly, a little Man in Black, Little Bitty Critter will get the whole family singing and rocking time and again.

Available for download at BandCamp, iTunes, CDBABY and Amazon.

Shine Upon Everyone

Shine Upon Everyone invites everyone to come together and shine!

Available for download at BandCamp, iTunes, CDBABY and Amazon.

Macaroni & Cheese

Originally recorded in 2002, "Cheese" was rerecorded and given a shake up (and down) with a hip disco beat for the soundtrack, "A Frog Named Sam: A Musical for Children."

A Frog Named Sam

A Frog named Sam

A Frog Named Sam tells the story of Sam, a country frog who heads off to the big city to fulfill his dream of singing for big audiences. With success, he misses his friends and returns to sing for them back at the pond.

Coney Island Crazy

Released as a bonus track, “Coney Island Crazy” features Ben and his pals bringing to life the thrill of the vintage amusement park in a must-dance blast of rock and roll.

I Got a New Friend

Originally recorded in 2004 for the album Blast Off!, this is a BR&F classic that fans have requested time and time again at live performances.

The Adventure Song

The Adventure Song

The Adventure Song is an original song from Ben Rudnick and Friends forthcoming studio recording, A Frog Named Sam: A Musical For Children (Soundtrack).

Love is a Superpower

With roots in 70’s soul, this track is the definitive anthem for the superpower in us all: LOVE!

The Challenger Baseball Song

When Ben’s old friend Tony Chironno sent him lyrics to a song extolling the virtues of Challenger Baseball, Ben saw his chance to help Little League’s fastest growing division.

Everything is Alright

Everything is Alright
Everything is Alright was recorded by Ben Rudnick and Friends with contributions from Boston area musicians in response to the tragic events during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. This version of the single features Karen K, Liz Buchanan, Stacey Peasley, Vanessa Trien and Alastair Moock. The original recording appeared on the album Fun and Games and sung by Margot Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies.

El Amor es un Superpoder

El Amor es un Superpoder

Arrangement and lyrics in Spanish by composer/arranger/singer Brian Amador of Sol y Canto. Background vocals in Spanish by Rosi Amador.

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