Sing Along with Sally Salamander!

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Ben Rudnick and Friends

Live in Lexington, MA - 2015

sticker at show

BR&F Sticker

Ben and Mayor Menino at Life is Good Pumpkin Fest
Boston MA

Ben Rudnick and Friends Big Band - Oct 24, 2010 - I Got A New Friend

Lexington Dancers

Another great summer concert in Lexington, MA - 2014

Ben with Buddy Cage

Ben and NRPS Pedal Steel Guru, Buddy Cage, at BR&F's Tenth Anniversary Show

Jamming with Keller Williams

BR&F at the Life is Good Festival with Keller Williams

John Zevos and Ben Rudnick

Heaven on Earth

Back of the Coney Island Crazy T-Shirt and advice from the song.

BR&F at the Boston Summer Arts Weekend 2013

We love our fans!

Ben, John, Jared and the Dixie Cups.

Ben at the XM Studios in Washington D.C. with Mindy Thomas

Saxophonist Don Davis and mandolin player John Zevos

Ben Rudnick enjoying the audience

Mark Yacovone, accordion

Mark Yacovone, accordion

John Zevos and Ben Rudnick

John Zevos and Ben Rudnick

John Zevos on Pike's Peak, Colorado

John Zevos on our road trip to Colorado John atop Pike's Peak in 2010.

Rasta Superpower Cover

Alternate "Rasta" Superpower Cover

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