A Frog Named Sam

A Frog Named Sam by Ben Rudnick & Friends



“On the title track alone, the funky vocal breakdown is worth the price of admission.”
~ Time Out New York Kids

“Little Deadheads! The tracks from the Grateful Dead influenced kiddie jam band are groovy.”
~ Parenting Magazine

"If I was allowed only one CD to bring on a 3 hour road trip this would be the one."
~ Mustapha, DJ at WHUS, Storrs, Connecticut


Boston Children's Music: Favorite Kids Albums 2009

Parents' Choice Winner: Recommended Fall 2009

Creative Child Awards: 2009 Preferred Choice Award

Mr. Dad Seal of Approval: Father's Day 2009

iParenting Media: 2009 Excellent Product


Ben Rudnick: guitars, ukulele, vocals

Arnie Ashford: bass, harmony vocals, all vocals on Three Little Fishes 

Jared Steer: drums & percussion

Mark Yacovone: accordion 

John Zevos: mandolin, harmony vocals, lead vocal on The Santa Fe and Old Joe Clark


Andy Pinkham: guitars
Rob Lee: baritone and tenor saxophones
Jeff Bird: harmonica
Bob von Elgg: dobro
Johnny Sciascia: double bass


All songs published by Bartlett Ave. Publishing except Three Little Fishes by Chappell & Co.

The Santa Fe and John's Jig composed by John Zevos

Erie Canal, Old Joe Clark and Greensleeves are in the public domain.
Produced & Mixed by Ben Rudnick & Andy Pinkham

Recorded by Andy Pinkham, Mortal Music, Charlestown, MA and by Arnie Ashford, Soundlab Digital, Manchester, NH

Mastered by Andy Pinkham Mortal Music Charlestown, MA

Harmony vocals arranged by Arnie Ashford & Andy Pinkham

Three Little Fishes arranged by Arnie Ashford

Art & Design by Bob von Elgg, Bigfish Smallpond Design, Santa Cruz, California

Many Thanks to all the kids, moms, dads, grandparents and you for making our musical endeavors a collective experience. Big Thanks to the & Friends, Arnie, Jared, John and Mark. I don’t think we could have imagined any of this and yet the constant question is, “What’s next?”. To Andy Pinkham and Bob von Elgg for all they do that you can hear and see and all they do that you cannot. To Jeff, Rob and Johnny for adding their talents to this effort. To all those fabulous musicians sung and unsung who inspire us all. Thanks to Diane and Emily. I can’t imagine a world without their love and a home without their presence.
~ Ben Rudnick, January 2009

A Frog named Sam: A Musical for Children

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