August 10 – Thursday – Lowell, MA

Lowell!! Boarding House Park! This is a historic park set right in the heart of Lowell, MA. Hence… it’s name and all that. It is always a thrill to be on this stage where we’ve played so many times before and so have some of our heroes. This is always a good morning to be in Lowell, MA.

DATE: Thursday, Aug 10
TIME: 11am – approximately 11:45am. We always manage to play just a little bit longer in Lowell!
WHERE: Boarding House Park, 40 French St, Lowell, MA
WHAT ELSE: Just a wonderful spot in the middle of Lowell. Lots of green space and some shade. The shady spots always go first. Bring a blanket, chairs, picnic or go to lunch in Lowell after the show. This is a good time.

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