Sam is a rock star frog (a rock frog) who has been on a ‘round the world tour. Sam comes home incredibly tired and grumpy to find that his beloved pond is in disrepair. Just at that moment, Tripp, an alien, crash lands in the pond, which makes Sam even grumpier.

Ultimately Tripp offers to take Sam on a trip through the galaxy to learn how to repair his pond. They visit several planets:

  • The Planet of Shhhhhh (inhabited by Librarians) to do research on how to repair the pond
  • The Planet of the Slow Moving Horse (the Cowboy planet where everything is color coordinated)
    so they can think about what they’ve learned
  • The Planet of Zoom (the race car planet with Danica Freeheart) to learn how to get things done.

Messages that are woven into the story:

  • Taking care of the environment is a responsibility and a worthwhile endeavor
  • Friends help each other
  • You can be many different things all at once
  • You can sometimes be grumpy and people will still like you
  • Females are strong, smart and good race car drivers
  • It takes a community to get things done
  • Learning and education are worthwhile and beneficial
  • Accomplishing goals takes time and effort
  • Macaroni and Cheese is eaten everywhere


The intended audience is families with young children 3-10. The play is written to be adult and children friendly. Really. We’re not just saying that.


Children, young adults or adults. The musical has six characters but one player can take on multiple roles, allowing it to be performed with four people. The musical also calls for a chorus the size of which may vary.


  • BOOK - A Frog Named Sam: A Musical for Children – Book written by Augusta Supple
  • SOUNDTRACK – includes Ben Rudnick and Friends versions of the songs included in the musical.
  • SHOW TRACKS – includes sing-along, instrumental versions of the songs included in the musical.
  • TRANSCRIPTIONS – Piano/Vocal/Guitar transcriptions of the songs included in the Musical (sample)


A Frog Named Sam: A Musical for Children (Soundtrack) was released on January 22, 2016. Reviews have been excellent including:


If you’re interested in staging the musical, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Ben by email at ben@benrudnick.com or by phone at 781-643-5137.