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Saturday November 22, 2014
A&B Burgers
50 St Peter St , Salem, MA
Event starts at 10:30am and music at 11:00am

We'll collect donations to send to New England area US troops that are based overseas.

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Saturday January 24, 2015
The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN)
14 Summer St., Natick, MA
Event starts at 10:15am and music at 11:00am

Donations for this event will benefit the Natick Service Council.

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ben rudnick and friends

A simple goal: trying to make the world around us a better place.

The idea is to create events that provide an opportunity for families to help specific charitable organizations in the Boston area. The events will be held during the hour just prior to a Ben Rudnick & Friends live performance.

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    To start we’ll plan events where simple donations of used clothing or books can be made and an activity will be planned that parents/caregivers and children can do together to accompany the donations. After the activity, the band will play as scheduled. You will never need to donate or participate in any activity to see the band play.

    Why are we doing this? When Emily was younger, Diane and I always tried to find ways to do some kind of community service with her. Mostly we ended up in nursing homes where just having a small child smile is service enough. Going into our twelfth year of being a band and continually enjoying a great community of fans, it seems like a good opportunity to get the kids involved in helping others in a context they can understand.

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