Challenger Baseball
Fundraising Opportunity

The Challenger Baseball Song and Other Hits
is a great and fun opportunity for Challenger leagues, divisions, coaches and parents to raise money for uniforms, officials, field rentals and other necessities to help make your organization’s season a success.

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A Great Fundraising Vehicle!

Little League Endorsed, beautifully packaged CD by award winning band

• A toe-tapping anthem for everyone involved in Challenger Baseball

• A way to share with others information about Challenger and the kids who play

How It Works

Your cost is $4.00 per CD when purchased in quantities of 10 or more. The suggested resale value of the disc is $10. At the suggested resale value, each CD sold nets you $6.00. Sell just 10 CDs and you can make $60 for your team!

The $4.00 that Ben Rudnick and Friends receives covers the cost of making and manufacturing the CDs. Once the band’s costs are covered ALL of the proceeds will be donated back to Challenger Baseball!


" upbeat and catchy tune, whose uplifting, cheery lyrics continue to play out in your head long after the CD has ended."
~ Exceptional Parent Magazine - June 2007

"...a zippy Rudnick-ian jam."

Conceived of by Tony Chironno, a Challenger Baseball director, manager and parent and put to music by award winning band Ben Rudnick & Friends, the Challenger Baseball Song captures the excitement and pride shared by thousands of young people in the Challenger Baseball program.
In addition to “The Challenger Baseball Song,” Ben Rudnick and Friends have added five of their
best-loved songs to make this a CD the whole
family will enjoy together.

Why did Ben Rudnick and Friends get involved? Because Ben and Tony have been friends
for twenty years, Ben loves baseball and is
thrilled to help Tony with this great cause.

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